Join us for a beautiful night immersed in songs, stories, and conversations with the legendary Mestre Barrão. Don’t miss this truly special event with performances of Samba de Roda, Afoxé, Maracatu & Coco de Roda straight from his hometown of Recife, Brazil complete with an amazing live band and percussion! Mestre Barrão Will be accompanied by special guests and other renowned artists. It’s a cultural show that truly cannot be missed. Enjoy it with your family!
Live performance details:
  • October 25, 2020 | 7 pm Recife
  • E-tickets at $15 Individuals & $30 Family Ticket
  • Tickets and Live Streams Available Below
The first 100 to register will be given access as guests to Mestre Barrão’s private Zoom get together where you can feel part of the festive night; chat with him or even request a song! See you all there! Salve!

October 25 | 7:00 PM Recife Time

Grupo Axé Capoeira | Quintal do Mestre Barrão

-Mestre Barrão

In the past, being close to your Mestre was as simple as showing up to train. Today, most of us live nowhere near our Mestre and we may only see him a few times per year. It’s become increasingly difficult to stay connected and current with what our Mestre is teaching and training. Fortunately, with today’s techonology we have an incredible opportunity to increase our exposure to our Mestre.

Thank you for participating and being a part of modernizing the way we learn, grow, and evolve in capoeira.

Let’s train!