Mestre Barrão of Recife Pernambuco, Brasil is one of the most renowned Capoeira Masters in the world today. Starting in 1974, he led classes in different locations throughout the State of Pernambuco. From there he launched an international career teaching and performing around the world from his base in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. He was responsible for organizing a multitude of local, national and international cultural exchanges and participated in a number of films, documentaries, video games, recording projects, speeches, educational school shows and other projects that helped reaffirm capoeira as a broad, rich and dynamic cultural manifestation. He is well known worldwide as a beautiful poet, composer and story teller having released a large number of DVDs, CDs and instructional videos. As the leader and founder of the Group Axé Capoeira, he currently oversees schools in 33 different countries with thousands of members. He has recorded with a number of well known artists across 3 continents and has his own unique, contemporary style of interpreting this ancient art form. You can also find his music on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music. To find out more follow him on Instagram and Facebook.